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    Host unlimited links on smartpage business portfolio to increase engagement and sales

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    Your audience shouldn’t have to keep track of a ton of different URLs just to interact with your business. (“We...didn’t realize we were personally responsible for 12 of your open tabs.”)

    You’re churning out content on different social media platforms, but none of that effort matters if your viewers don’t know where to click.

    If only you could host all your links on one shareable URL and track clickthrough rates to bring more eyeballs to your business.

    Introducing LinkTube.


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    Create a smartpage portfolio that hosts unlimited links and reflects your branding from your mobile phone
    Measure clickthrough rates, analyze engagement trends, and run retargeting ads to boost sales



    LinkTube lets you build a smartpage to host all your links and track performance, right from your mobile phone.

    LinkTube makes it easy to create a smartpage to host all your links—without any coding.

    To get started, just choose one of the smartpage templates and insert links into the placeholder text fields.

    Tailor the smartpage to reflect your branding with custom fonts, colors, background images, and thumbnails.

    Plus, you can add unlimited links, social media channels, embedded videos, text paragraphs, and direct messenger links, so all your information is on one URL!

    Customizable templates

    LinkTube is packed with high-quality, customizable templates, so you can build your smartpage in just a few clicks.

    LinkTube also tracks clicks! Now you can measure the performance of every link and analyze where you’re driving the most engagement.

    Every user who clicks on your smartpage is added to your audience list, making it a cinch for you to retarget their interest and increase engagement.

    And because LinkTube lets you add remarketing pixels from popular ad platforms, you can remarket to your audience without burdening your sales team.

    Analytics dashboard

    Track the clickthrough rate on your content to increase engagement and boost sales.

    You’ll be able to build and edit your smartpage right from your mobile phone, so you can ditch your laptop and work from literally anywhere.

    LinkTube also has a super intuitive UI, which lets you align content, products, and services in the form of buttons, tiles, and cards.

    You can even display products with price tags in a carousel to increase exposure to your storefront and boost more sales.

    LinkTube smartpage

    Promote your business portfolio on LinkTube’s customizable smartpage, so your content finds its target audience.

    LinkTube also allows you to fully customize your CTAs, so every aspect of your smartpage is tailored to your specific needs.

    Choose from stunning animations and countdown timers to entertain new users and improve clickthrough rates.

    You can access the dynamic feed feature from the dashboard, which automatically updates links with recent content from YouTube, WordPress, and Shopify.

    Plus, LinkTube offers third-party integrations with popular tools like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier to streamline your workflow.

    LinkTube dashboard

    LinkTube is a comprehensive tool that’s designed to expand and track your business on all your devices.

    It’s hard to grow your business when you’re splitting your audience’s attention across different sites. (“I missed your latest ad campaign, but I saw on TikTok that you tweeted. Loved it.”)

    LinkTube helps you build one shareable URL that consolidates your business offerings and tracks analytics, right from your smartphone.

    Bring your links and social media posts together.

    Get lifetime access to LinkTube today!

    From the founders

    June 28, 2022

    Hey there Sumo-lings, Eddy here from AppSumo!

    Let me tell y’all why we are SOO excited to launch Linktube!!! 🥳🔗

    We love this tool because of its:

    📈 Smartpage with hyper-personalized templates — ensures your landing page fits your brand image

    📲 Mobile Editing Feature that increases traffic & boosts sales

    🤳 Interactive UI that makes effective engagement easier than ever

    Let us know in a thread below — Which Linktube feature(s) is your favorite, and why!?!

    If you can agree with the above, and believe this tool is for you — we encourage y’all to sign up for AppSumo Plus to get 10% off this tool as well as other AppSumo purchases👆

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