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    Use an AI chatbot and live chat to improve customer support and reduce ticket volume

    The customer is always right, but you’re not always online to let them know. (Anything else I can dream for you? I mean *do.*)

    And anyone who’s been on an automated customer support line knows the struggle of getting answers from a robot.

    What if you could provide personalized support 24/7 using an intelligent AI bot that knows everything there is to know about your business?

    Get to know LiveChatAI.


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    Integrate your AI chatbot with human support to instantly connect with a real person for more clarity
    Resolve most customer queries and cut down on support tickets with a GPT4-powered AI chatbot


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    LiveChatAI is an AI chatbot that blends advanced AI with live agents to deliver personalized customer support around the clock.

    Eliminate customer support wait times and reduce ticket volume by deploying an AI-powered chatbot that’s always available.

    LiveChatAI lets you customize your AI chatbot to prepare for specific prompts and personalize responses—you can even give it a name!

    You can switch between GPT 3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 so your chatbot can provide accurate support no matter how complex the customer query.

    AI bot usage

    Provide excellent customer support around the clock with an AI chatbot.

    You can schedule your chatbot’s active hours to be online 24/7 or just when your human support team is offline.

    Set up rules for chatbot-to-human handoff, letting a live agent can step in to provide more clarity and support to users.

    LiveChatAI can connect with users on multiple messaging platforms, including Intercom, Slack, and WhatsApp.

    Even better, your new chatbot will be able to collect customer emails, so your team can follow up when they log back on.

    Customer support chat

    Combine AI and human support across messaging channels like WhatsApp and Slack.

    Train your AI chatbot with your own content! That way, it can provide relevant answers to any customer query.

    Let this new chatbot crawl your website via URL or sitemap to learn everything there is to know about your business.

    After crawling your site, you can choose which pages to use for training data and remove irrelevant content like your login page.

    And with every response, users can click on a button to see where the information is pulled from and explore further.

    Chatbot training

    Train your chatbot using specific content from your website.

    Integrate the chatbot on your website as a page embed or a floating chat widget that users can access anywhere.

    LiveChatAI can answer queries in 95 languages, letting you respond to customer queries from nearly any part of the world.

    The more questions the bot answers, the more it learns, improves its answers, and enhances your overall customer support experience.

    Improve chatbots

    Answer queries in 95 languages and improve your customer support over time.

    With the right tool, you can finally wake up to a clean slate of customer support tickets. ("Guess I don’t need this 'not before my coffee' mug anymore!")

    That’s because LiveChatAI supports your team with a ChatGPT-powered chatbot that’s trained to know your business front-to-back.

    Provide smarter customer support.

    Get lifetime access to LiveChatAI today!

    From the founders

    LiveChatAI intro post

    Hello Sumo-lings! 👋

    We're super excited to introduce ourselves and our game-changing solution in customer support - LiveChatAI. This isn't just an AI tool; it's a seamless blend of advanced AI and human-led support designed to improve and personalize your customer interactions round-the-clock.

    Born from the idea of revolutionizing customer support, we developed LiveChatAI, leveraging GPT-4 AI technology. We dreamed of a tool that not only handled queries but had the capacity to comprehend and empathetically respond to your customers' needs. 🎯

    Where does LiveChatAI excel? It thrives on reducing support volume, resolving up to 70% of customer queries autonomously. This results in significantly reduced wait times, leading to enhanced customer experiences. By learning from your existing support content, LiveChatAI ensures every response aligns perfectly with your brand's voice and guidelines, eliminating the risk of irrelevant or misleading responses. 💡

    We've also incorporated a unique live chat feature, providing a blend of AI and human-led customer support. When a query requires that human touch, our system seamlessly transitions from the AI chatbot to a live human agent, ensuring your customers always receive the best support. 🤝

    Understanding the need for a quick and smart system, LiveChatAI is designed to swiftly adapt and evolve with your needs. It can pull content from various sources for instant activation and progressively improves as your support content gets richer, ensuring that your customers always receive timely and accurate responses. 🚀

    Inclusivity is key in customer support, and with LiveChatAI, you're covered. With support for 43 languages and round-the-clock availability, your customers are always heard, no matter where they are or what time it is. 🌍

    As part of our special AppSumo deal, we're offering full access to LiveChatAI at a reduced price. It's the perfect chance to revolutionize your customer support journey.

    The future of LiveChatAI is bright, and we invite you to be a part of it. Check out our public roadmap [insert link here] to see what's coming next. We highly value your feedback and look forward to building a superior customer support experience together. 🎉

    We're here to engage, answer your questions, and start a fantastic journey with this vibrant community!

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