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    Grow via Strategies, OKR, KPI, Tasks, Kanban, Projects, Leads, Finance, Reports, HR, AI and more...

    Grow, Engage, & Track via Strategies, OKRs, KPIs, Tasks, Kanban, Whiteboards, Projects, Leads, Finance, HR tools, AI tools and many more... FlowyTeam - Create High-Performing Teams

    • Get closer to your vision via Strategy Planning, OKRs & KPIs

    • Get highly effective via our Project (incl. Gantt) & Task management (incl. Kanban)

    • Engage your employees & motivate them via our reward system, weekly check-ins, 1-on-1s

    • Convert leads into sales via our CRM

    • Track your invoices, payments and expenses

    • Manage requests effectively via our support ticketing

    • Track attendance & measure the efficiency of your activities via time-logs

    • Easily create forms & surveys for better data analytics

    • Close employee skill gaps via our learning hub or upload your content

    • FlowyTeam is the best fit for organizations with 5-250+ employees. FlowyTeam serves 3,000+ organizations in over 🌍90 countries.


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    Strategies, OKRs & KPIs, Tasks & Projects, Leads, 360°, Attendance & Time-log, Rewards, Ticketing, LMS, Forms...

    Grow Your Business & Improve Your Team’s Engagement

    FlowyTeam empowers managers and their team members to make smarter and faster decisions in this agile business world via Strategy Planning, OKRs, KPIs, 360˚ Reviews, Check-Ins, 1-on-1s, and effective Performance and productivity Software; your team members will love it.


    Track the Progress & Increase Your Team’s Productivity

    Flowyteam provides a one-stop centre for tracking and improving your team’s productivity via Task and project Management, Attendance and Time Log, Client and lead Management, and the effective productivity software your team needs.


    Make Your Organization Paperless and More Efficient

    Experience our easy-to-use form & survey builder to collect data and generate reports. Track your invoices, payments, and expenses. Brainstorm and plan via Whiteboards.


    Unlock Your Teams’ Full & True Potential with FlowyTeam

    A comprehensive & easy-to-use Performance & Productivity Software that answers all Business Owners’, CEOs & Managers’, and Employees’ questions practically & engagingly.


    Awarded as Best Support

    FlowyTeam has the highest rated support on G2 in Performance & Productivity Software. We help you 24 hours, every day including holidays.

    From the founders

    🚀 New Module Releases from FlowyTeam.

    These new features are designed to streamline your financial processes and provide you with comprehensive tools to manage your business more effectively

    🌟 Introducing: Invoices, Estimates, Expenses, and Payments Modules! 🌟

    🔹 Invoices: Create and send professional invoices with ease. Track payments and automate reminders for due invoices, ensuring you never miss a payment.

    🔹 Estimates: Quickly generate detailed, customizable estimates and convert them into invoices in a snap. Impress your clients with polished, branded estimates.

    🔹 Expenses: Keep track of all your business expenses effortlessly. Categorize, attach receipts, and generate insightful expense reports to stay on top of your finances.

    🔹 Payments: Accept various payment methods seamlessly and monitor real-time transactions. Ensure secure and fast transactions.

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