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    Welcome to the Mini Course Generator, your ultimate solution for crafting engaging mini-courses without the hassle. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer, our AI-powered Course Creator and intuitive card structure simplify the entire process.

    Create impactful micro-learning experiences, ideal for enriching workshops and training programs, onboarding newcomers, community engagement, selling mini-course collections, or generating leads.

    Our AI Assistant takes the lead, generating comprehensive mini-courses including AI-generated images and questions. This isn't your average tool—experience the depth and extensiveness that sets us apart.


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    Create AI-powered, comprehensive mini-courses with images and questions
    Offers the simplest, easiest, and aesthetic way for presenting collections of mini-courses



    Unlock the power of swift mini-course creation with AI practicality.

    Let artificial intelligence handle the groundwork, freeing you to perfect your content and create better mini-courses in less time.

    No more wrestling with the complexities of traditional course builders—the Mini Course Generator simplifies the process.

    Seamless access, no barriers to educational brilliance.

    Interactive mini-courses become your go-to educational lead magnets, workshop enrichments, or micro-learning materials.

    Simplicity extends to our user experience. The intuitive card structure means no learning curve, allowing you to build and edit courses effortlessly.

    For your audience, it means a distraction-free learning environment, fostering a sense of achievement in record time. Share your completed mini-course seamlessly via links, embed it in webpages, or showcase collections.

    Utilize the AI mini-course builder for rapid progress without the headaches of traditional structures.

    Embed, share, and transform learning experiences.

    Enhance your mini-course with various media, from videos and images to PDFs.

    Pose questions, deliver assessments, and personalize the end based on user performance. Customize layouts, add logos, and change themes to align with your brand effortlessly.

    Elevate learning with AI-powered mini-courses.

    The AI-Assistant and the overall simplicity of the Mini Course Generator make creating mini-courses a breeze.

    Whether you opt for AI assistance throughout or just in specific cards, it keeps you moving forward effortlessly.

    No curriculum, module, or big concepts—just interactive mini-courses built easily and quickly with our super-simplistic card structure.

    Embark on a journey of effortless education.

    Craft, customize, and share—effortless mini-course creation.

    Tailor your audience's learning experience with the Mini Course Generator. Whether you choose the immersive Learning Journey, where users seamlessly progress through your content, or the straightforward Plain Card View, giving them instant access to all the cards, you have the flexibility to mold their educational adventure.

    This dual-end user experience ensures that your mini-courses cater to diverse preferences, providing a customized and engaging learning path for every participant. Explore these options and elevate the impact of your educational content today.

    Mini Course Generator - Plus exclusive
    Unparalleled flexibility in managing access to your content.

    Set who can access and how from a wide variety of options; from enabling open access without any login barriers to exclusive in-app authentication. This versatility is designed to meet diverse educational, sales, and community engagement use cases.

    Besides, gated-access methods come with hassle-free experience for the learners since they don't need to create accounts or remember login credentials thanks to the magic-links, which provides seamless, password-less access.

    Get access today and revolutionize your mini-course creation process with the power of AI.

    From the founders

    Watch an AMA with the Mini Course Generator founder

    Mini Course Generator is back for Sumo Day and here to answer your questions. In this AMA ("ask me anything") recording the team did a quick demo of new features and took questions from the audience about the tool.

    If you'd like the opportunity to interact with founders live and ask your questions during webinars like this, sign up for AppSumo Plus today!

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