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    Elevate visual collaboration with intuitive image annotation and sharing

    PinMy revolutionizes on-the-go collaboration with a mobile-first approach, integrating dynamic image annotation and unique voice comments for comprehensive feedback.

    Problem: In today's mobile-driven world, professionals demand tools that adapt to their dynamic work environments, enabling efficient remote collaboration without being chained to a desk.

    Solution: PinMy streamlines teamwork with media annotations and voice comments, enhancing clarity in communication-all from your smartphone, for efficient, on-the-go collaboration.


    Real-time Annotations: Instantly mark images for clear, actionable feedback.

    Interactive Feedback: Discuss and resolve comments on images for streamlined reviews.

    Seamless Sharing: Quickly share annotated images for collaborative efficiency.

    Mobile Accessibility: Contribute anytime, anywhere with a mobile-first approach.

    Diverse Integration: Fits into various workflows, supporting multiple file formats including JPEG, PNG, PDF and even GIF.

    PinMy bridges the visual communication gap in creative projects.


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    Add voice and text directly onto images with PinMy
    Enhance the way you discuss feedback on various visual content such as photos, images, screenshots, GIFs, and PDF presentations



    Add voice or text comments quickly and easily in the PinMy interface.

    PinMy's annotation screen is a game-changer for designers, photographers, and fashion creatives. It transforms images and PDFs into interactive dialogues, where details are discussed with precision. Designers will appreciate the ability to leave detailed notes on visuals, streamlining the revision process. Photographers can use pinpoint annotations to perfect their images, while fashion teams can collaboratively refine mood boards with image responses that capture the essence of their vision.

    The platform's seamless blend of text, voice, and visual feedback makes it a robust tool for creative industries. It ensures that each annotation - whether a text note, a voice memo, or an image comment - adds depth to the creative process. With PinMy, the feedback is rich, real-time, and relevant, empowering creative professionals to bring their ideas to life with clarity and collaboration.

    Embrace PinMy, where your team's collective creativity comes to life, one annotation at a time. It’s more than an app; it's an integral part of your design, photography, or fashion project, ensuring that every detail is captured and every vision is realized.

    Share your projects for real-time team input with a Demo Mode for quick, view-only access.

    Introducing PinMy's latest feature: a streamlined sharing interface combined with a robust Demo Mode, empowering your team to collaborate and showcase work effortlessly. With just a few clicks, send invites via email or share a team link, granting your colleagues immediate access to contribute to the project. The interface provides an overview of everyone who has access, maintaining transparency and control over your collaborative environment.

    The Demo Mode is a standout addition, offering a view-only link for quick demonstrations without granting access to discussions, perfect for presenting to clients or stakeholders while keeping internal comments private.

    For designers, this means rapid sharing of visual concepts for feedback. Marketers can iterate on campaigns with their team in real-time. Photographers can share galleries for instant review. Fashion teams can spread their latest collections among members for a fast-paced decision-making process.

    PinMy's sharing screen is more than a feature; it's a testament to efficient teamwork, fostering a dynamic yet controlled environment where creativity and feedback thrive. Embrace the seamless integration of creation, communication, and presentation.

    Organize creatively with PinMy and easily manage and access all your projects in one visual workspace.

    Meet a visually driven workspace designed to help you structure your creative projects with ease and flair. In this vibrant hub, your work comes to life as neatly organized thumbnails, allowing you to swiftly navigate through various projects with a glance. The 'My projects' section is a personal creative corner, where your ideas take shape, while 'Shared with me' holds the projects enriched by collaboration.

    For designers crafting stunning visuals, photographers curating galleries, or fashion teams piecing together their next big line, this structured environment simplifies project management. Each project is represented by a preview tile, providing immediate context and progress indicators, such as file count and comment activity.

    With this update, PinMy makes it effortless to switch between solo and team tasks, ensuring you stay inspired and in control. Start a new project with just a click, or dive back into ongoing collaborations; your workspace adapts to your workflow. This is where organization meets innovation - welcome to the workspace that not only stores your projects but showcases them. With PinMy, you're not just organizing files; you're curating a portfolio of your collaborative and individual achievements.

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    From the founders

    Short note form PinMy founders & management Team!

    Greetings, Sumo-lings!

    We're thrilled to introduce PinMy to the AppSumo community! Our latest innovation is set to change the game in visual collaboration. With PinMy, you can now seamlessly pin your thoughts on images and PDFs using text, voice, and — our newest feature — image replies!

    Whether you're brainstorming, reviewing, or educating, our app enhances your ability to communicate visually. No more back-and-forth emails or lost context in conversations. With PinMy, feedback is intuitive, immediate, and exactly where you need it.

    We understand the importance of workflow efficiency, so we've packed PinMy with features that make collaboration a breeze. And, as our AppSumo users, you're at the forefront of this visual revolution. We're eager to hear your insights and evolve together.

    Throughout our campaign, we'll be here to answer your questions and keep you updated on all the exciting developments. Your feedback is our blueprint for growth. Welcome to the PinMy family — let's make every pixel count!


    The PinMy Founders Team

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