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    Podia is an all-in-one, online platform that enables digital content creators to make a living out of their expertise.

    Podia empowers creators by giving them the right tools to create, market, and sell their products.

    Whatever product you sell, Podia lets you create a custom website you can leverage as your business portal. Plus, you won’t have to start from scratch; Podia offers templates and themes you can customize to easily set up a website and brand it as you see fit.

    You can sell online courses, webinars, digital products, coaching sessions, and more. No matter what you sell, Podia offers features specific to your product.

    For instance, for online course sellers, Podia allows them to upload unlimited files and videos. They also won’t need to pay for a third-party video hosting platform; Podia has it taken care of. The Drip courses feature allows teachers to break down the entire curriculum and deliver courses section-by-section based on a schedule that meets their teaching strategy.

    Teachers can integrate quizzes and tests inside courses and force students to complete or pass them before moving on to the next section. This ensures proper delivery and helps students truly commit to the courses and reach transformational results.

    If you sell digital products, Podia lets you create a sales page where you can host all kinds of files, including eBooks, PDFs, cheat sheets, checklists, video files, audio files, text, etc. Plus, you can upload as many files as you want.

    Podia lets you offer pre-sells and coupons people can buy before the actual launch. You can use these features to validate your course idea and ensure people are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Plus, you can offer upsells by attaching more to your pre-set offers. For example, you can add digital downloadables or upsell one-on-one coaching.

    Podia also offers a built-in email marketing solution with several features. Add lead capture forms to your Podia website, build email lists, segment your lists, send automated drip campaigns, broadcast emails, and get analytics to promote your product.

    The On-page Chat widget on Podia lets you engage with site visitors across all pages and close deals with them. You can also launch an affiliate program to turn your fans into sales reps. It's as simple as setting custom commission terms and inviting affiliates.

    Key features

    • Custom website
    • Sell anything you want
    • All-in-one platform including community
    • Built-in email marketing
    • Turn clients into sales reps with affiliate marketing
    • Unlimited product uploads
    • Pre-sell, upsell, offer coupons


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    Sell all kinds of products with Podia
    Sell all kinds of products with Podia
    Podia’s free website builder
    Podia’s free website builder
    Podia community
    Podia community
    Podia online course builder
    Podia online course builder
    Sell digital products on Podia
    Sell digital products on Podia


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