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    Create AI-generated quizzes from your knowledge base in a breeze

    Quizzes are great for both educators to reinforce learning, as well as community owners/coaches to create engagement with their audiences.

    Yet, creating quizzes from scratch is time and energy consuming, especially if you create quizzes regularly.

    QuizCube is the ultimate AI quiz generator that is here to speed up your quiz preparation.

    It uses your resources as a knowledge base to generate AI-powered questions.

    Start simply by uploading documents, entering text, or pasting URLs to create an AI-powered quiz in a breeze.

    You can easily share it with a link, embed on a webpage, or export questions in Excel & AIKEN formats or directly to SCORM package to use in LMS platforms.

    You also have flexibility in determining who can access your quiz and how. You can enable access for everyone, or grant access only to those whose emails have been confirmed or who have been specifically invited by you.


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    Speed up the quiz creation process using the power of AI
    Start simply by uploading documents, entering text, or pasting URLs



    Based on your knowledge base, create AI-generated quizzes your customers will love.

    There are three options to set the knowledge base that AI will use for generating questions:

    1. You can copy a text from your preferred resource and paste into the text field
    2. You can add the URL of the webpage, in which you want to extract questions out
    3. You can upload documents like PDF

    Depending on your tier level, you can even add multiple resources at the same time to set the knowledge base for a quiz.

    Make your quizzes pop with visual elements.

    You can upload images, gifs, or embed media like videos or podcasts through the HTML editor.

    Not only does this enable you to ask image-based questions, but also you make the quiz more appealing and engaging thanks to the good visuality.


    After you get AI-powered questions, you may want to enrich it with images, gifs, or additional content to make it uniquely yours.

    Once you are ready to share the quiz with your community, audience, students, or leads, there are 3 ways to present:

    1. Share the quiz with a link easily in any clickable place, like email newsletters, social media posts, description area of the YouTube videos, etc. Depending on your Tier, you can even use the links with your domain. (CNAME)
    2. If you want to increase the time spent and engagement on any of your website, you can embed the quiz directly on the page with the iframe HTML codes or .js.
    3. If you are using LMS like Moodle, you can also export AI-generated questions to SCORM or export them to import to the learning management system through AIKEN format.
    Customization is key when it comes to QuizCube.

    Your reason to prepare a quiz might be only for training reinforcement and you can send it to your students without any access barrier.

    Yet depending on your goal, you may want to use quizzes as lead magnets to collect emails or you may want to keep your quiz exclusive from the public access.

    You can add a sign-up wall or a password gateway depending on your preference.

    Besides, you can customize how you end the quiz, like showing the score of the respondent or showing different messages and call-to-actions depending on the success rate of the respondent.

    These both features are coming soon - you can see more details on the product roadmap.

    Set who can access and how easily.

    There are three main options for access settings:

    1. Everyone can access: This is the default setting you are already familiar with. You can also add a 'password wall' to make your quiz accessible to everyone who has the password, or add an 'input card' to collect additional information such as phone number, address, etc.
    2. Enable access after double opt-in: When this option is selected, learners first need to enter their email in the login pop-up that appears at the beginning of the quiz. They then receive a confirmation email containing a magic link for password-less access.
    3. Enable access to specific users: This feature allows you to restrict your quizzes to exclusive groups by providing invitation-only access. Simply add users, create cohorts, and then grant them access. They will receive an invitation email with a magic link for seamless, password-less access.

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    From the founders

    From One Success to Another: Introducing QuizCube

    Hey Sumo-lings 👋

    I'm the co-founder of Quizcube - your AI quiz generator that transforms your knowledge base into AI-powered questions, whether you input text, upload a document, or share a webpage link.

    You might wonder, "With other AI quiz tools out there, what sets QuizCube apart?" Beyond the tangible features that you can see above and explore, I believe our vision distinguishes us. While the roadmap showcases exciting developments for the short-term, our long term goals are reinforcing QuizCube's assessment capabilities, and seamless integrations with widely used platforms. Stay tuned for the next-gen AI quiz generator.

    A bit of background: We're not strangers to ed-tech or AppSumo. Back in November 2021, we launched the Mini Course Generator. The positive reception from the AppSumo community was evident, with 158 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.94 tacos. We are confident that our new product, QuizCube, will experience similar, if not greater, success. (And yes, the Mini Course Generator hasn't stopped growing and improving even after we concluded the LTD campaign. We take pride in our dedication for continuous product enhancement.)

    The journey we've embarked upon with QuizCube mirrors the early days of the Mini Course Generator. If history serves as any indicator, imagine how far QuizCube can and will go further.

    But don't just take my word for it. Dive in and see for yourself! Sign up for free at quizcube.io. And remember, we're always here for you, whether you reach out via support@quizcube.io or use the chat widget on the dashboard.

    Nevertheless, seeing is believing. Sign up for free at quizcube.io and experience it firsthand. You can reach us anytime via support@quizcube.io or through the chat widget on the dashboard.

    Reconnecting with the product-savvy and passionate AppSumo community is a true delight. We're eagerly awaiting your invaluable insights and feedback.




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