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    Sales Prophet is an advanced email platform with unlimited access to 78 million B2B contact records

    Sales Prophet is the only all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform providing B2B sales executives and lead generation agencies unlimited access to over 78 million contract records (leads) and a robust email automation engine with an easy-to-use CRM.

    Sales automation platforms are great for lead generation, but what about demand generation?

    Sales Prophet is the only platform that combines B2B data with the ability to send both sales sequences and mass emails for content syndication, which is ideal for demand-generation programs.

    We are OAuth certified for both Google and Microsoft, which means you get one-click integration with a secure connection.


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    The easiest way to get your next customer
    Add as many contacts as you like to your email campaigns



    16 minute Sales Prophet video overview
    Access 80 million B2B contact records in the U.S. (global data coming soon).

    Tired of buying expensive data? No problem.

    You get unlimited access to 80 million B2B contact records with name, job title, work email, company name, industry, sic code, naics code, revenue, number of employees, company phone, and location.

    We also have 9 million personal emails and 19 million cell phone records.

    You only pay to verify the data. We charge .001 a record so you can verify 10,000 contacts for $10.

    Set up lead nurturing campaigns, newsletters, or send mass emails.

    Want to send both HTML and text-based email? No problem.

    Use Sales Prophet’s drag and drop email builder to create and send marketing emails or the text-based email builder to send sales sequences.

    Sales Prophet connects to any SMTP provider and offers direct API integrations with SendGrid, Sparkpost, and Mailgun.

    Use our auto re-mail to email people who didn’t open the first email and really bump up your conversions.

    Copy multiple influencers in the same email.

    Do you want to send account-based emails? No problem.

    Sales Prophet is the only platform on the market that allows you to send one email to multiple contacts (CC) at the same company for even better response rates.

    Sending one email to multiple influencers at your target accounts is the best way to penetrate your top accounts.

    Start by pulling a list of your top accounts and include all of the buyer personas typically involved in the buying process.


    Give me people with these keywords in their job title: CHRO, Chief Human Resource Officer, HR, Human Resources, Procurement, and Purchasing with job level manager and above at companies with more than 1000 employees in these industries.

    Then, select the top influencer you want to send the email to and copy additional influencers in the same email with one click.

    Watch your response rates soar.

    Email tracking control is also one of the top features you'll get access to.

    Do you want better deliverability? No problem.

    Start your Sales Prophet campaigns with tracking turned on, and then look for the best-performing emails.

    Remember: subject line impact open rates while body cop generates responses.

    Sales Prophet allows you to turn Open and Click Tracking On or Off for better deliverability.

    Once you have determined the best subject lines and body copy, shut off tracking for the best deliverability.

    Then focus on response rates!

    There isn’t a better email platform for driving your lead generation and demand generation efforts than Sales Prophet.

    Get access to Sales Prophet today!

    From the founders

    Welcome to Sales Prophet

    What's up, Sumo-lings! 🚀,

    After 22 years of being in the email marketing space and trying every app on the market, i.e., ExactTarget, Eloqua, Right On Interactive, Makes Bridge, Acton, Ongage, Active Campaign, Vbout,, WoodPecker, Wavo, LemList, Outreach, Apollo, Growbots, Gmass, (to name a few) I decided it was time to build my own app.

    I just wanted an app that included B2B data and had both sales and marketing automation capabilities.

    I was also wanting integrated email verification and more control over how our emails were sent and tracked.

    So, I partnered with my CTO, Abdel Tahir, who was already working on a sales automation app but needed some product input.

    Well, three years later, and a ton of money, we are pleased to announce Sales Prophet is live.

    In addition, you can see what we're planning to build/add next. 🤗

    Keep in mind that we are constantly adding new features to the app, but we really welcome your input, especially around bug fixes and small tweaks.

    👉 Here's the link to submit and view product requests and see the roadmap:

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