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    A task tracker for software development teams and creative agencies

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    Sanplex is a comprehensive tool designed to tackle the unique hurdles of managing intricate projects.

    Our goal is to empower every layer of your organization, from effortless task delegation to insightful progress monitoring, ensuring every decision is backed by solid data.


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    Designed for teams and enterprises with complex projects
    Design a Scrum development process for the company's entire management and execution layers



    Simplify the complexities of project management and allow your teams to focus on what matters most.

    What makes Sanplex stand out?

    • Effortless Work Recording: Dive into productivity with one-click effort logging. Focus on your code, and let us handle the tracking.
    • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Assign tasks and monitor progress effortlessly. Sanplex transforms team dynamics, making collaboration smoother than ever.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage our advanced analytics for an in-depth project analysis.
    Sanplex has various report templates for every project stage.

    Drowning in spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes? Take control with our unified platform. Manage projects, tasks, and bugs seamlessly in one place. Gain real-time project visibility, streamline task management with collaboration tools, and identify & resolve bugs before they derail your progress.

    Deliver flawless projects on time, every time - experience the power of effortless project management.

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