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5 stars
Member since: Nov 2011Deals bought: 383Posted: Apr 20, 2024

Great tool with plenty of promise.

The support team is unusually helpful. World-class support, they go out of their way to remedy any identified issues. I could get used to this, makes me hate my electrical and utility providers even more, just when I thought that wasn't possible.

I'm looking forward to feature adds, in particular the ability to include image links on input files. Jay from the Slidefill team has made assurances that this is on their roadmap and can be expected in near future, I've got no reason to doubt him.

Good tool, go for it, I think you'll be glad you did.

Founder Team


Apr 21, 2024

Thank you for using SlideFill to create data-driven presentations and content. We're very happy to see you like and recommend our software! Support is super important for us, we want to learn from every user interaction and understand how we can make our product better in future iterations! I will make sure to keep you posted about new features including the ability to push images to...