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5 stars
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📑Presentations generated from Data⛁

A more interesting tool that allows you to generate presentations, documents from data collected in a spreadsheet.
It is simple to understand how to use it for your purposes.
Just use the ready-made templates and everything is clear.
If you are reading this review, I recommend that you take an interest in this product, because the price is an affordable solution for potentially great possibilities.

Founder Team


Apr 15, 2024

Hi Jack

Thank you so much for the kind words here. It's lovely to see your questions, feedback and interest in SlideFill. I promise you, we're doing everything within our power to make SlideFill better. We launched or MVP here to get feedback from smart people like yourself and all advice you've given us so far, means a lot to us!

Very happy to read you're recommending SlideFill and find it...