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Q: Hi there.

Do you offer API access?

We have a custom platform, that saves customer actions like forms, clicked telephone numbers etc. Sometimes, someone clicks an e-mail adres, but doesnt send an e-mail. Can we connect your platform to our website, so we can do an API request and put the contact info in our custom software.

Other use case.
If no company is detected, nothing happens, but if a company is...

HoAPLUSSep 25, 2023
Founder Team


Sep 26, 2023

A: Hi there! There is no option to go into our API for such cases, especially for the website scenario. We need to process everything on the backend, including masking and anonymizing the IP address, so us both won't get into unnecessary data privacy regulations and keep Visit Hunter a simple "set and forget tool"
However, you can set up webhooks to fire and send you company and contact info...

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Posted Sep 28, 2023

ok.. so if I understand correctly.

We have a website. A visitor comes and is identified by your software. It can then send that company name/and/or/contact info to one of our own webhooks?

Posted Sep 29, 2023

That's correct!