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Q: We purchased 2 codes already, 1.

Is there anyway to simulate the site visit and how visithunter will identify if a visit is from a legit company and not just bot? We want to make sure that it works on the site and test everything, also we need to setup the crm connector so initial data is required from the webhook so we can map the data.

2. I understand that workflow works via webhook and push data though that? is there anychance that you will do APIs in the future?

elevatecallsPLUSOct 2, 2023
Founder Team


Oct 2, 2023

A: Hi there!
1. We have an ongoing library of known bots and ISPs that we automatically exclude from indentification and leads deduction. Normally, a good test drive would be setting up a script on your website and let it process about 500-1000 visits at least. On a relatively normally-sized business website, this could take a day or less than a day. If you need more stats about your tracking,...

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