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Linked Assist automates your LinkedIn marketing so that you get more time for your core business activities.

Traditionally, it takes a lot of time and effort to find that perfect fit when it comes to utilizing all the marketing features correctly with LinkedIn.

So the developers of this product asked themselves: Is there a better way, an easier way, a more direct way to automate some of the most useful processes and features involved with LinkedIn?

With that goal in mind, Linked Assist was created.

The product is a powerful tool that is designed as an easy-to-use Chrome Extension that anyone and everyone can manage.

Some of the market-leading features of Linked Assist include the ability to automatically send connection requests with and without a personalized message, as well as the ability to automatically message people you’re connected with.

You can even endorse profiles autonomously and save messages and signatures as templates.

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Connect to your targeted LinkedIn profiles with and without personal messages & signatures

Send personalized bulk messages with signatures to your contacts

Visit and automatically endorse the skills of your LinkedIn connections

Best for: Business owners, marketers, and recruiters

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      • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

    • Linked Assist

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      • LinkedIn automation tool

      • Automatically send connection requests with and without a personalized message

      • Automatically message people you are connected with

      • Endorse profiles autonomously

      • Save messages and signatures as templates

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