Hi, great tool! What is the "White labeling" feature ONLY mentioned for the 10 Code stack plan for $990? Could yo please explain the additional benefits for this featire and plan? Is this a re-seller plan where we ould rebrand and sell as our own? Thanks




"White Labels" is actually a product builder that enables making more money than traditional white label deals. Originally, white labels allowed users to generate custom branded Chrome Extensions from any automations built in Cheat Layer, then re-sell them to unlimited clients as a product. So rather than re-selling limited seats/credits, there's unlimited ROI potential with our White Labels and users have built entire products now.

The idea is, if an automation saves you time in your market, it's potentially a good product to help many others. We make it as easy as possible to generate that product in seconds from any automations you build. We also show users how to setup a free backend to access stripe subscriptions and AppSumo codes to sell it.

We have a few launching now from our last Bootcamp cohort, including Skedule.social which plans to launch on AppSumo soon. AppSumo launches lead to hundreds of thousands in sales at least for good products, and we're teaching them how to do well. This means, with a $990 investment, they will likely make a ridiculous 10,000%+ ROI

Since launching, White Label users have received additional perks at no additional cost like

1) Access to our private Discord of founders paying it forward, the Cheat Layer Product Lab. We're even building products in community entities with groups of users now here transparently to teach how it works.

2) Early Beta access to new features like Cheat Layer Desktop.

3) In December, access to Desktop White Labels/Product Builder, which enables building websites, apps, and cross platform programs.

4) In November, we're flying users from the Discord out to our big hackathon launch.