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    Create AI chatbots trained websites/docs, integrate with WhatsApp or APIs, embed in websites fast

    Keeping up with customer demands is tough, often resulting in delayed replies and unhappy customers. This communication gap can lead to customer dissatisfaction and missed opportunities. The key is to handle customer inquiries on time by providing fast and relevant responses consistently through multiple channels.

    Tiny Talk solves this by offering an all-in-one platform to build, train, and deploy AI chatbots in minutes. Create domain specific knowledge base from documents and websites, customize bot behavior, and embed into websites, consume through APIs or WhatsApp to answer and automate any question that comes your way.


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    Create chatbots that leverage your existing documents, PDFs, and technical content with no-code
    Custom AI chatbots to help you boost sales and cut costs with increased conversions



    Uploaded documents are by default private and can only be accessed by the user for enhanced privacy.

    One of the key features of Tiny Talk is the ability to train your chatbot on documents and websites. Upload PDF files, technical documents, product manuals, white papers, ebooks, FAQs or provide links to articles and websites that contain valuable information.

    Tiny Talk will extract relevant data and create a knowledge base for your chatbot, enabling it to provide accurate and insightful responses. You can create multiple chatbots and each one will have its own domain knowledge.

    Kickstart by inserting an example system prompt.

    Tiny Talk puts you in control of your chatbot's personality. Easily customize the system role prompt to match your brand's tone of voice by giving it specific instructions, you can make the chatbot more helpful and aligned with your needs.

    Whether you want a casual, humorous tone or concise responses, it's all in your hands.

    Embed directly on your site or connect via the API.

    Customizing your chatbot's appearance is effortless with Tiny Talk. Add a profile picture and modify colors to seamlessly align with your brand’s style.

    In the Playground section you can engage in conversations with your bot in a real environment, testing its capabilities and responses. This is the exact chat window you will see when it is embedded in your application. You can have contextual conversations with your bot using the uploaded documents and websites.

    If you are training a very large document, you don't have to wait for training to complete and can already start talking. This enables you to explore the bot's knowledge and its ability to provide relevant information related to the content of those documents.

    Integrate with WhatsApp for a wider audience.

    With 2.7 billion users globally, WhatsApp stands as the messaging giant, magnifying the impact of this integration on your business. Any chatbot you create with Tiny Talk can be used via WhatsApp, imagine the sudden possibilities where the same bot and knowledge base can help you and your support team over multiple channels.

    Capture and export leads with enriched data points for better segmentation.

    When it comes to lead generation, Tiny Talk can do wonders. You can define a call to action and start capturing leads as your visitors interact with you bots. Each lead will also be enriched with some handy information that can help you to segment your audience.

    Tiny Talk stores all API keys in an encrypted form at rest and never share with others, expose it in the browser or other client-side code.

    Each chatbot has its own API key setting and this gives you a high level of control and visibility over the usage of different keys. For example, you can assign a unique API key to Department A’s chatbot and do the same for Department B, granting them exclusive control over their respective usage and access permissions.

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    From the founders

    Launching Tiny Talk πŸͺ‚

    Hey, Sumo-lings! πŸ€—

    We're thrilled to introduce Tiny Talk on AppSumo! πŸ₯³

    Dive into the future of business interactions with Tiny Talk β€” your all-in-one, AI-powered chatbot platform. Tiny Talk is about engaging customers, boosting sales, and delivering top-tier support to customers and business teams.

    Why Tiny Talk? Designed with your needs at the forefront, Tiny Talk empowers you to:

    – πŸ’¬ Automate Customer Support: Provide round-the-clock assistance, reduce wait times.

    – πŸ›οΈ Boost E-commerce Sales: Offer personalized recommendations, answer FAQs to directly drive sales.

    – ✏️ Capture and Qualify Leads: Engage and qualify leads in real-time.

    – πŸ“₯ Collect Feedback: Gather actionable feedback, fine-tuning your products and services.

    – 🧰 Offer Technical Support: Deliver immediate, step-by-step support for technical queries.

    – πŸ“† Streamline HR & Onboarding: Automate recruitment processes, answer candidate FAQs, and simplify onboarding, making HR tasks more efficient.

    – πŸ“š Enhance Education and Training: Support learning with instant access to information and interactive dialogues, enriching the educational experience.

    – πŸ’Ό Business & Employee Support: Make your knowledge-base accessible to your teams on the go.

    From the beginning, we knew businesses needed more than just a Q&A bot. They required a flexible, adaptive solution. Tiny Talk is that solution, offering knowledge bases, web scraping, multiple chatbots, API key control, lead generation, WhatsApp integration, branding, and much more. With upcoming features like analytics, real-time help desk and additional integrations like Shopify, Slack, Wordpress, Zapier.

    As co-founders with 20 years of experience in digital product design and software engineering, we bring our expertise into this product. Our commitment to simplicity, flexibility, and user-centric design sets us apart. Tiny Talk is more than a tool; it's a partner in your business's growth.

    Try Tiny Talk Today: We're not just launching a product; we're inviting you to join us in redefining customer and workforce engagement. Explore Tiny Talk, and let's build the future of support automation together πŸš€

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