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    A URL shortener best for social marketers & seo. Link shortener converts long ugly links into short.

    Increase brand reach, engagement and conversion with your brand’s short links (Custom Domain + SSL)

    Foxly allows companies, brands, and entrepreneurs to track & engage with their users differently. You can minimize long links with only a handful of characters, which makes sharing them a breeze.

    These short URLs are easy for users to remember, which helps to build brand recognition and in return encourages more interaction with URL links.

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    • Unlimited Links

    • Unlimited Branded domain Setup

    • Additional domains provided by Foxly

    • Unlimited Spaces/Folders

    • Data export

    • Advanced statistics

    • Pixels and Retargeting

    • Custom Link Preview

    • Link Rotation

    • Link Alias

    • Deep-Linking

    • API Access

    • Link-Bio

    • Unlimited Branded Links

    • Unlimited Password protected links

    • Link Expiry

    • Reseller coupons - 10

    • Free SSL - 5

    • Google Chrome Extension

    • Bulk Link Shortening

    • UTM Builder

    • Daily statistics report to Telegram


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    The all-in-one URL shortener and link management tool

    All-in-one platform combines a powerful URL shortener with comprehensive link management tools. Simplify your online presence, track performance, and optimize your links effortlessly. Foxly is the go-to solution for seamless and effective link management.

    Create branded and concise URLs, analyze click data, and gain valuable insights into audience engagement. Whether you're a marketer, content creator, or business owner, Foxly empowers you to make data-driven decisions, enhance user experience, and maximize the impact of your online presence.

    Cutting-edge advanced features

    Foxly offering a comprehensive suite of advanced features designed for best UI/UX. Foxly is all-in-one link management platform boasts a powerful URL shortener that allows you to create branded and concise links effortlessly. Gain deep insights into your audience engagement with robust analytics, tracking click data, and understanding user behavior.

    Experience the convenience of link customization with our intuitive interface, ensuring your URLs are not only shorter but also tailored to your brand. Foxly goes beyond basic link shortening by providing A/B testing functionality, enabling you to optimize your links for maximum impact.

    Stay in control with our link expiration feature, managing the lifespan of your URLs to suit your campaign timelines. Sign in now to experience many more advanced features...

    Create short links with your brand's domain

    Maximize brand impact with Foxly! Easily set up your own branded domain or subdomain for professional and memorable short links. Elevate your online presence with every click.

    Detailed analytics lets you make smart choices that boost your online business

    Foxly URL Shortener's analytics can provide valuable insights into your business by tracking various metrics such as the number of links created, clicks received, and the geographic location of the audience.

    In addition, it also tracks browser and operating system data, which can help you optimize your website or marketing campaigns to better target your audience. By using Foxly's analytics, you can make data-driven decisions that can significantly improve your business's online performance.

    Add all of your social media, affiliate links at one place

    Link-bio benefits individuals and businesses alike. It simplifies the sharing of multiple links on social media platforms, offering a single shortened URL that redirects to a personalized landing page. With customization options, analytics insights, and a professional interface, Link-bio enhances engagement, streamlines online presence management, and maximizes the impact of shared links.

    From the founders

    January 3, 2024

    Hello, fantastic Sumo-lings! Delighted to make your acquaintance 😊. I'm
    Denis, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to Foxly - CustomURL Shortener.

    Let me guide you through some highlights of our product:

    👉 What's Foxly? ⇒ It's a robust Advanced Analytics tool designed for
    companies, brands, and entrepreneurs to interact with their users in a
    unique way. Condense lengthy links into a handful of characters, making
    them easy to share, remember, and integrate into social media posts &

    👉 Foxly's Solution? Say goodbye to unattractive, long links in posts,
    social media, and email campaigns that erode trust (70% of users). Nobody
    wants to compromise their brand value and user trust, right? Get Foxly

    😳 Truly Unlimited Features:
    ⇒ Generate Shortened URLs
    ⇒ Create Spaces with No Link Limits (Groups)
    ⇒ Add Unlimited Custom Branded Domains & Subdomains (Free SSL Guide)
    ⇒ Track Unlimited Clicks with Full Advanced Analytics
    ⇒ Weekly Analytics in Your Mailbox (Unlimited)
    ⇒ Bulk Shorten URLs Generator

    🙆‍♂️ Awesome Features:
    ⇒ Secure Links with Password Protections
    ⇒ Expire Links by Limited Clicks & Date
    ⇒ Custom URL Slug / Alias
    ⇒ Activate & Deactivate Shortened URLs
    ⇒ Export Link Statistics
    ⇒ UTM Tags
    ⇒ Google Chrome Extension Add-on
    ⇒ Auto Expire Shortened URLs
    ⇒ Auto Delete Shortened URLs

    🙋‍♂️ Newly Added Features:
    ⇒ New Help Center
    ⇒ Best User-Friendly Dashboard
    ⇒ Daily Analytics Report with Clicks, Links, Country, and More
    ⇒ Pixel and Google Analytics Tracking
    ⇒ Traffic Routing & Deep Linking
    ⇒ Link Cloaking
    ⇒ Link Rotator
    ⇒ SSL Certificates for Custom Domains
    ⇒ QR Codes to Share Links
    ⇒ Bio Link for Social Media Pages
    ⇒ Multiple Bio Links with Analytics of Bio Page and Added Links
    ⇒ Deleted Links Statistics
    ⇒ Telegram Notifications for Daily Analytics
    ⇒ URL Metadata Preview and Edit
    ⇒ API (3rd Party App Integration)

    👨‍🎤 Upcoming Features:
    ⇒ Team Access
    ⇒ CAT Button Integration
    ⇒ Advance Deep Linking
    ⇒ Group wise Analytics
    ⇒ Firefox Add-on
    ⇒ Upload Media (Mp3, Images, Videos, etc...)

    🚨 Stay Tuned for More:
    We're not stopping here! Foxly is continuously evolving, with new features
    in the pipeline. Your suggestions matter, and we're committed to
    implementing them ASAP. Reach out to us with your ideas, and let's shape
    the future of Foxly together.

    You can reach me at

    Cheers! Denis

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